Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • cenforce employees are not responsible Terms & Conditions for any purchases made through the website. Before purchasing any medication from cenforce online, a buyer should speak with a general physician.
  • It is essential to disclose everything to your doctor so that they can prescribe the best medication for you. The buyer’s safety is guaranteed by this. Every product’s price may fluctuate from time to time at the seller’s discretion.
  • Without prior notice, cenforce reserves the right to Cancel An Order and Refuse Custom To Any Purchaser. The internal team will issue a full refund if the buyer has already placed an order. Each medicine’s product information is very generic, so it’s important to talk to a doctor before starting or buying these products for anyone who wants to take them.
  • The only way we use information is to make sure our customers have the best possible experience. We encourage each buyer of medicines from our website to create a personal account with a name and email address. The buyer’s chosen payment method and the shipping address will both be saved in the account.


  • At cenforce, customers are asked to provide personal information, which is protected by SSL encryption, which protects the information you enter in your field. No one can break into the client’s confidential data center and steal it.
  • Customers can rest assured that their Personal InformationIncluding Credit Card Numbers, will never be stored on the website because it is encrypted and only saved in the database.

Comments And Feedback

  • On the website, there is a feedback section where Customers Can Provide Feedback on particular products. A comment can be made about the strategies that we both use. We respond promptly to every email we receive.

Policy And Orders For Shipping

  • Every order must be shipped for a fee. The fee for each order is determined by the order’s weight. Orders should be placed with this timeline in mind because they typically arrive in ten days.


  • Shipping and Customs Rates are subject to change at any time. These prices fluctuate in some way and should be checked frequently.
  • The orders are sent to the PO, home, etc. addresses. Due to their intricate handling procedures, military mail typically takes longer to deliver. Within two days, each order is sent out.

Delivery Address

  • The default address will be the one specified in the most recent cenforce order. There is an option to confirm the shipping address at the time of checkout, so you can change this address.
  • The entire order and its timeline are altered by the address to which it must be delivered. On the website, you can buy generic medications.

Custom-Caused Delays

  • cenforce holds no liability regarding the defer in the request assuming it has been produced using your end by the public authority of your country. cenforce is unable to control the country’s delivery service’s delays.
  • If the delay is not reported within seven days, we will either reship the item or issue a refund. You may be required to pay customs fees following government regulations. cenforce will not be a part of this Payment Policy.